FVS Nepal

Family Care Foundation partner: Family Volunteer Services Nepal

Family Volunteer Services Nepal Project Manager Evangeline Neve

In the remote villages in the Everest region of Nepal, an entire population area of villages, with combined population of over ten thousand, their total yearly government health budget may be only $150! And the nearest health facilities are a two-day walk.

Children will be found with infected burns as most cooking is done by firewood. Serious cuts and gashes, many of which become infected, are also very common, as most men carry large knives used as all-purpose tools. Being a mountainous area, falls resulting in broken bones are commonplace. Sadly, most of the time the families are unable or hesitant to take their child to a hospital, resulting in deformities and disabilities.

Thanks to a grant provided by Family Care Foundation, a simple healthcare building was constructed where medical supplies are stored and dispensed, and patient examination and treatment take place, as well as health classes given to the villagers. Local sponsors from Kathmandu frequently donate the required medicine.