Family Care Foundation partner: FundaciĆ³n Educativa de Desarrollo Economico y Social (FEDES), Santiago Chile

FEDES Project Managers Steven Colon and Agueda Martin

Each year hospitals in the U.S. discard literally tons of unused surgical supplies, in addition to replacing millions of dollars of medical equipment. With many in developing nations literally dying for lack of this same equipment and materials, FCF Project Partner FEDES undertakes bridging supply and demand in a not-for-profit venture.

Medical supplies, including many that we take for granted but are luxuries elsewhere -such as bandages and syringes -are channeled to facilities offering care for Chile’s poor.

Annually, FEDES imports and distributes within Chile a dozen or so 40-foot shipping containers of hospital equipment, medical supplies, wheelchairs, ambulances, etc. placing these items according to need.  read more...